How it works


Give us a call either we can come to you or you can bring your device to us. We can trouble shoot and give you the quote if you satisfy with the price we can go ahead and fix if not device back to you. We may need to charge for the travelling but trouble shooting will be free.


any of your laptop, Desktop or other devices give us a call and bring them to us we can trouble shoot and let you know the quote. If you satisfied with the price we can go ahead or you can take the device back. We do not charge for trouble shoot.



"We would serve you the best "

  • Networking

Wired or wireless networking. ( commercial or residential )

  • Computer Lessons

we will give training for windows 7, 8, 10, ms office, etc.

  • Hardware trouble shoot

laptop, desktop and mac trouble shoot ( laptop screen repair ) .

We are here to help. Residential and commercial any thing we can take care. Just ask!  Reasonable  rates. 

Our Story

We want to give our best service for the lowest price we can.

Our Vision

We do any kind of hardware issues trouble shootings, any kind of software installations, laptop screen replacements, water damages and much more.



To get a quote or to fix your computers please contact us

1116 70st SW Edmonton

Ab T6X1K8